The Phantom 22kg installed at Coffee Works

Father and son Rob & Roland Webber from the Coffee Works

Father and son Rob and Roland Webber are at the forefront of the Australian coffee industry. Rob and his wife run a thriving coffee business in the heartland of Australia’s most prolific growing region in Australia, The Coffeeworks in Mareeba, North Queensland. Roasting almost exclusively Australian origins, this 30 year business is a must visit for anyone travelling to North Queensland.

They do everything from roasting coffee, running a cafe and gift shop to making gourmet chocolate on site. One of the highlights of The Coffee Works is the most extensive and interactive coffee equipment museum in the Southern Hemisphere. An incredible and fully catalogued museum of coffee history!

Rob is one of the most knowledgable coffee professionals in Australia with a passion for improving and promoting Australian grown coffee. We recently installed the Phantom Series 22kg coffee roasting line at The Coffee Works. Have a look at some of the installation pictures below!

The Phantom 22kg Roaster

Commercial coffee roaster at The Coffee Works

Installation of the Phantom Coffee Roaster

You can buy the amazing blends from The Coffee Works online too – check out their website here.