The Phantom Series is here to impress

Phantom Series 22kg Full Line Coffee Roaster

It is said that “necessity is the mother of invention”. Imported roasters coming into Australia often had to be heavily modified to pass national standards but with the arrival of the Phantom Series, things are about to change in a big way.

The Phantom Series comes in three sizes: the 7kg, 22kg, and the 22kg Full Line. Manufactured on the Gold Coast, these machines are equipped with the most advanced PC integrated roasting making controlling and monitoring a breeze. There is a lot of dedication involved in making specialty coffee and these roasters are specifically designed to accommodate. To top it all off, it’s stylish and does not take up too much space.

Performance and Technology

Phantom 22kg Close upAll units from the Phantom Series come with a double wall carbon steel drum that aids in homogenous roasting and to avoid bean tipping. And, they have the ability to cool within 2-3 minutes. This snappy feature allows you to roast and cool at the same time, which speeds up production.  Designed with an efficient cyclone and a detachable chaff bucket with a level site inspection window, it’s easy to check Drum Roasting, Burner Flame, and Hopper level on the new Phantom Roasters. The quality of the coffee can be inspected via the coffee sampler. For the 7kg unit, adding an afterburner or a destoner would not be difficult as the machine is designed to accommodate such modifications.

The larger 22kg model comes with a green coffee loading system, floor vacuum, and dust filter. And the 22kg Full Line is fitted with a stainless steel destoner and a silo with a 45kg capacity. Destoning can be completed in 3-4 minutes with this unit. A special software is used to control the cycle time. Drum, cooling smoke, and odour emissions are treated by a powerful afterburner.

All these roasters can operate quietly without the need for a compressor. A software called Coffee Sweet was specially designed for these roasters. With 3 independent processors, it is 8 times faster compared to other machines. And, whenever computer issues are encountered, owners can rely on their PCs for the backup data. That said, it has a pretty powerful memory and can store 150 profiles that can be automated. The burner and the drum fan have 5 automation options that allow control in small increments for meticulous roasting. The afterburner can also be controlled through the software to help you save on gas. For those who want more of a human touch in their roasting, a full manual override control is possible.

Phantom Series Coffee Roaster full line setup

View the full specifications for all 3 roaster models here.


No matter how many functions roasters come with, it all boils down to the safety of using it. The Phantom Series has passed the AGA Type B Gas and Electrical Standard that is quite strict. The over temperature of the 5 thermocouples and the cyclone water sprinkler can be monitored in the machine. That said, it is considered to be safest in the market. Maintenance of the units is easy because each of the main serviceable parts are accessible.

More Information

A Phantom Series unit is now in action at SOHO Coffee Roasters in Adelaide and local coffee drinkers are loving it. To find out more about The Phantom Series machines, get in touch with Mark Beattie and the team at CRA Technology today.