CRA Technology Has Officially Launched

Phantom Series Coffee Roasters

After years of operating as the home of Coffee Roasters Australia’s IP, designs, technology and products, we’ve now launched CRA Technology with it’s own website.

Alana and Mark Beattie started Coffee Roasters Australia over 15 years ago, focusing on the supply of coffee roasting equipment for Australian roasters. They saw the specialty coffee roasting industry develop in Australia and began catering to that market with their own destoners, after burners and control systems.

Along with the launch of the new website, CRA Technology has also released their new Phantom Series coffee roasters. The Phantom Series has the most advanced PC integrated roasting control system on the market, giving commercial roasters full control over the roast process.

These advanced new roasters have hit the market after years of research and development, as Mark worked with Griffith University’s Engineering Department to develop something that meets both his and the market’s high standards.

The Phantom Series is currently available in a 7kg and a 22kg format. While the 7kg model is compact and ideal for smaller, boutique roasting sites, the 22kg format can be put together as a fully integrated line, complete with loader, destoner and afterburner.

Head to the home page to find out more about the Phantom Series Roasters, including the performance specifications, automation options, controls and safety features.

For more information, you can contact us on +61 7 5529 0888, or fill out the below enquiry form and we’ll contact you.